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See all your real time data in one place

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Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Every time a report is due or you want to check the results of the latest ad, you need to open a new program and dowload yet another Excel sheet.
But not any more. With IO Planner reporting you will have access to all your data in one place.
IO Planner is designed to give you the overview you need.

With Reporting it's easy to present new results, share knowledge and get the most out of your efforts.

This means that you will save time by not having to gather and prepare reports yourself.

It will be easier to see where and how your guest finds you as well as what they are looking for.

No more files with old Excel sheets, calculations and searching for the latest information. 

With reporting you can see your data in one place and easily get an overview of what works and what needs improvement.



See the statistics of your guest behaviour in selected time intervals of your choosing. 

See how long your guest stays on your website and which landing pages are generating the most traffic.  

Also keep track of which countries and cities your guests are visiting your website from.  

Keep track of how you guest finds your website.

Do they find your hotel through organic search on Google? Or is it your Google ads, your Facebook ads or even ads in the newspaper, that increases the traffic to your site? 

Keep track of which ad or landing page that brings in the most guest.

See which devices your guest uses the most.

Are the majority using mobile, tablet or desktop?
With this knowledge you can target your marketing so it fits to the different devices.

Are your guests on the go with their mobile? Then catch their attention with colourful pictures. Are they home sitting with their tablet? Then catch their attention with exciting events.




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