Integration with Google Analytics in your
PMS system makes it easy to optimize
and measure your online activities. 

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The Online Booking & sales dashboard, collects all your data regarding your bookings, and provide you with an simple overview of your guests and their behaviour.

Online Booking gives you insights in:

  • Your revenue from each hotel room.
  • The number of transactions.
  • Which platforms your guests uses to find you.
  • Which countries and cities your guest derives from.
  • Which devices they use to book from.

By comparing your data from Online Booking with the data from Reporting and SEO Ranker, you get to see which initiatives that provides you and your hotel with most guests and conversions.

Gain quick insight into your turnover, transactions and conversion rate.

See which stay or product that have the highest turnover and plan your next campaign with your data.

See which device your guests are booking from.

Gain insight in your guests customer journey and target your marketing hereafter.
Do they research your hotel on their smartphones, but book their stay on desktop?

Use the data from Online Booking & sale to gain more conversions and see if your website improvements.